Practice Newletter - Winter news


The team at Beechdale Health Fair

This was a very successful Health fair organised by Arun and Tom. All members of the team participated on the day, actively engaging with contributors and visitors

The team picture taken above includes our new apprentice Freya, who supported the team. Left to right, Lisa, Debbie, Nicky,Maxine, Freya, Pradeep with little one,Arun and Dr Singh

Mayor Marco, attended the health fair and visited each of the contributors and was accompanied by his wife and daughter


Arun supplied Samosas, cakes, Brownies and Cookies, Teas and coffee. Maxine provided cup cakes and a sponge cake. Arun generously provided the first prize, a refurbished Laptop and a mini pool table. Tom provided books, an amazon fire-stick, and a 3D headset. Soft toys and drinks were other prizes.

All proceeds generated by the raffle are evenly distributed between charity, the PPG. The church is given a contribution from the raffle monies and are given tea, milk and sugar and any squash for their use.

Flu Season

We would like to remind all our patients that the 2017 Flu Season is underway. We have already undertaken over 100 flu vaccinations. We would encourage all our eligible patients to get their flu vaccinations. See below:

Current Flu Season

The NHS is braced for the worst flu season in its history, amid fears that overcrowded hospitals will be unable to cope. The head of the health service has warned that pressures are going to be real as he warned that influenza levels are expected to be high. Simon Stevens said Australia and New Zealand - who are just coming out of their winter - have had a 'heavy flu season' with many hospitals struggling to deal with demand. And he said scientists would now re-examine the vaccines amid fears that the current jabs may not hold off the infections. Health service regulators have already warned that hospitals are extremely busy, with too many beds blocked for lack of social care. In recent years, the NHS has seen ever long waits over winter, with some of the worst waiting times on record last winter. However, for almost a decade the NHS has escaped a heavy flu season, with the last pandemic seen in 2009. Mr Stevens told a conference in Manchester: For the next three, four, five months the top priority for every leader, every part of the NHS is ensuring that the NHS goes into winter in a strong a position as possible.

Scientists in Australia have warned that the country is experiencing its worst flu season on record. Australia has reported 98,000 confirmed cases of the flu this season - more than double the rate it was this time last year. There are also twice as many people hospitalised. Mr Stevens suggested the signs from Australia were alarming. The signs from the southern hemisphere winter have been that flu has been much higher and it has been the variety that puts the most pressure on the old people's services like care homes, he said. The World Health Organisation is reviewing the vaccines and if that reproduces itself here over this coming winter that is going to mean much more pressure on GP services and hospitals. He said the NHS was closely examining the experiences in Australia and New Zealand, where winter falls around six months earlier. We are reviewing the Australia and New Zealand experience, where hospitals have closed to new patients and reported very long waiting times, he said. The evidence is we are likely to have a more pressurised flu season this year, he said.
Excerpt from the Telegraph 12th September 2017